Limes Congress XXV

Limes Congress XXV

This years Limes Congress XXV was a great success: smooth organisation, many interesting and well organized lectures and a wonderful excursion programme. The result was a good atmosphere for the more than 400 guests from 34 countries, who often met again for the first time since 2019. In addition to the scientific exchange, the acquaintance and friendship between researchers from different countries is also an important goal of the Limes Congress.

It was the Lower Germanic Limes that took center stage during the 7-day Limes Congress in Nijmegen at the end of August. We therefore celebrated the registration of the Dutch-German monument as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Within this, a leading role was reserved for logistics and water transport in the northwest of the Roman Empire, with the Zwammerdam ships as important icons. On the 2nd day of the congress, Yardeni Vorst excelled with a beautiful presentation about Operation Zwammerdam ships.

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On the 5th congress day, Museum park Archeon was visited by the international group. And they didn't come in vain! They were given an extensive tour of the Zwammerdam ships by Yardeni Vorst and her team of restoration staff/volunteers, and the guests witnessed the signing of the letter of Intent for the completion of the restoration of the Zwammerdam ships collection and the construction of the new Museum. And at the end of the day there was a delicious barbeque at the Roman Inn to end this marvellous day.


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