Medieval Holiday

Medieval Holiday

Experience the middle ages. Find out how it is to live without phone, tablet or laptop.

Experience the middle ages and find out how it is to live without phone, tablet or laptop.
You will stay in the bedroom of the cobbler, weaver or joiners house. Spacious rooms with oak wood floor and royal furniture. A king size bed and two or three single beds. In the evening and morning you can make your own tea or coffee. Very comfortable, spacious and all in historic atmosphere. In the nearby building you will have acces to a toilets and showers. Your medieval clothing is authentic to the 14th century. As well as your shoes and meals.  

During opening hours and while in historic costume, phones, watches, rings, make-up, television, newspaper, camera or other modern accesoires are not permitted. Other visitors of the park will hold conversation with you and may even ask to take your picture. After the day visitors leave there will be plenty of time to take your own pictures and enjoy a cozy campfire

What can you expect?
The townsfolk of the medieval town of Gravendam will welcome you with open arms. They will inform you of their costums and peculiarities. 

You are part of an exclusive visit behind the scenes of medieval life in the 14th century. Your own Archeon guide will take you by the hand and lead you around the town of Gravendam, the gardens, the furniture with their content, the crafstmen and their materials. You will be able to work together with the craftsmen, stroll the streets and sit in the sun. You will learn medieval cooking by preparing meals, or discover the knowledge of herbs and plants.

On the last day you will enjoy a delicious breakfast and will still have time to explore the other parts of the park such as the prehistory and the Roman times.


€ 229,00 per room, based on 2 guests, for an extra night you pay € 124,00 extra
€   89,50 per extra guest, for an extra night you pay € 61,00 extra
€    2,00 per guest toerist taxes
€  17,95 reservation costs
€    4,95 eco tax

maximum of 5 guest per room
3 rooms available

Included: Bedsheets, towels, 1x breakfast, 1x lunch and 1x dinner, park entrance, medieval clothing and on the first day several hours guided. Pets are not allowed.

Optional: Bathtowel set (€6,50) Babybed (€25) 


Want to book a medieval holiday? We would like to receive your reservation in advance, so that we can receive you optimally.

The holiday homes are fully booked on the dates below:

June 15, 22, 28, 29 2024
July 13 2024
August 4, 5, 6, 16, 17, 24 2024
September 14, 21, 22 2024
October 26 2024
December 7, 8 2024

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Already booked a medieval holiday?
We are happy to receive the clothing sizes of the guests, so that the medieval clothing is ready for you. Do not forget to fill in the Medieval clothing measurement form.


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'Expedition Archeon' Holiday

Discover and experience history for yourself and go on an adventure in prehistory, Roman times and the Middle Ages!

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'Expedition Archeon' Holiday
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Medieval Holiday

Experience the middle ages. Find out how it is to live without phone, tablet or laptop.

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Medieval Holiday

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