The Roman museum in Archeon is housed in a reconstruction of a Gallo-Roman farmhouse. A variety of collections is on display. On the upper lever is Archeologyhouse South Holland, which exhibits the kinds of object discovered in the ground, from all periods, distant prehistory to early modern. The significance of all the items is explained by a special presentation. For example, an entire grave from the bronze age has been contructed, accompanied by the telling of a sensational story. This ares holds a number of worktables, where young visitors can learn more about archaeology by engaging in the work.

On the same level is the studio of Archeologische Werkgemeenschap Nederland (AWN), Rijnstreek chapter. This part is certainly also worth a visit. At weekend here, AWN volunteers study and interpret all kinds of material that has been found.

On the ground floor, you enter Archeon's Roman Museum, where the Roman period in the Netherlands is brought to life interactively. Display cases contain original acient Roman artefacts. Using films, touch screens and hands-on replicas, a living picture is drawn of the Romans and the original inhabitants at the time.

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