Fashion through the ages

Fashion through the ages

27/07/2024 - 28/07/2024

Fashion through the ages

Archeon is all about fashion through the ages. There are several special demonstrations and activities. In the prehistoric era you can weave fabrics from plant based fibres, such as nettle, flax, and bark. There will be a demonstration on dyeing wool, which you may then even spin and weave. Sprangen is the oldest way of braiding, and you can learn how to do it yourself during this weekend! In an exhibition you can admire different clothing made of linden bark.

In the Roman era you can make an imprint on textile, dress yourself in Roman clothing, view a number of demonstration of different crafts, and wander through a clothing exhibited in the bathhouse. In the Domus you can have a look at Roman haircuts and a legionnaire will show you how they made a shirt of mail.

In de Middle ages there will be demonstrations on embroidery, spinning and weaving, tape weaving, card weaving, and felting. The shoemaker will craft leather in his shop and a medieval company will show their medieval clothing.

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