8800 - 5300 BC
Ten thousand years ago, the ice age is over - the bison, mammoths, woolly rhinoceros and giant deer. Our land is becoming warmer and covered with forests. People have plenty to eat in the way of plants, nuts, berries and roots. They can also hunt and fish. They are nomads, moving with the seasons, their homes more like tents than anything. A campfire provides a place to cook, and keeps wild animals at bay. Maybe it is also the place for music, dancing and telling stories of the past. These hunter-gatherers make everything themselves, their clothing from animal skins, and sharp knives from flint. They also make items from wood, bone and antlers. Living like this, dependent on natuer, ou have to be clever and skilful. Try making a saw by sticking a row of sharp pieces of flint in a length of antler as a handle, using heated birch tar as glue...

All knowledge about animals, plants an the seasons are constantly passed on and shared. This is essential for survival.

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