Linear band ceramic
Linear band ceramic

5300 - 200 BC
The first farmers build farms like this: imposing houses with a solid oak frame. In the absence of reeds the roof is covered with straw or bark particles. This structure is based on an archaeological find near Geleen, and is dated to 5300 BC. A few thousand years later peasant communities settle in the northern part of the Netherlands. These communities belong to the culture of the funnel cups, stretching from western Netherlands to the Baltic Sea. Funnel Cups are distinctive cup-shaped jars on a straight bottom with a flared edge. The ball of the cup is often decorated with dots or dashes. Pottery remains in the ground well kept; many other materials consumed in the course of time. However, other tracks are also found. Of the Funnel Beaker farmers include amber beads discovered.

/assets/img/tpl/no-image.png Funnel-beaker culture Funnel-beaker culture

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