Funnel-beaker culture
Funnel-beaker culture

5300 - 2000 BC
Around 3500 BC farmers also appeared on the higher sandy grounds in the north and the east of the Netherlands. They grew grain and kept cattle but also continued to hunt and fish. These farmers belonged to the Funnel-Beaker Culture. They too, were named after their pottery. In the house are examples of funnel-beakers.

The Funnel-Beaker people lived in large parts of north-western Europe, from the Netherlands to Poland and the south of Sweden. As we have not (yet) found any traces of dwellings from this period in the Netherlands, we have reconstructed a farmhouse found in the north-German town of Flögeln (just across the present-day border).

The farmhouse has several small rooms. At one corner the roof is supported by a piece of granite instead of a post. In the small room at the back a pit was found, containing two pots and an amber bead. This may have been a grave. The middle part of the house was used is a living room.

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