Bronze Age
Bronze Age

2000 - 800 BC
The use of a new material marks the beginning of a new era: the Bronze Age. The farm's main reason for existence continues, but hunting or reduced. The farmers keep more livestock: cattle, sheep, goats and pigs. Through the use of animal traction, and through the use of wool and milk the agrarian existence now more lucrative. It also ensures settled life that people are going to dress more carefully: in woven fabrics with different colors and motifs. Bronze is not a very strong metal, but suitable enough for tools, especially for jewelry. It is a luxury, one derives there to status. A new invention is the sword means an object is purely a weapon; it has no other function. Bow and arrow or spear originated as a hunting tool. From this period many mysterious discoveries are known, the meaning of which is not always clear. We assume that in the Bronze Age religion plays a major role. Swamps, marshes and rivers are thereby apparently important. Bronze swords, strings of beads, strangled victims therein left, possibly to defuse gods or ancestral spirits.

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