Tournament field
Tournament field

Knight tournament feature regularly at Archeon. Please check our events on our website for details.

A knight is more than just someone who engages in combar. he is also expected to be subservient an courteous. With the title go a whole range of vows: to be merciful, humble, loyal, devoted, righteous, honourable and selfsacrificing. He must always greet those above him with respect. Knights are recognizable by the accessories they are permitted to wear: a white belt and golden spurs. More striking, though, is often their overall appearance in armour and heraldic attire. The use of symbols on shield arose as a way of identifying riders in the open. In the 14th century, however, almost everyone with any status bears their own coat of arms, even ordinary citizens. A knight excels in heraldry, his coat of arms boasting beautiful designs that are applied to his shield and incorporated in colourful items of clothing for himself, his retinue and his steed. The crowing glory is a spectacular symbol on his helmet. The coat of arms designs are described in detail by heralds, who generally have a leading role in connection with tournaments. They distribute the invitations and compare each participant's coat of arms with the description in the book of heraldry. Although originally a form of combat training, the knight tournaments evolve into a muchenjoyed event. A display of well-being, riches and chivalry that pleases many in the upper ranks of society. It is a game of winners and losers, with no intention of fatalities occuring. Naturally, they do happen on occasions.

The style of tournament presented at Archeon is pas d'armes. With this type, a knight or group of knights challenges everyone who passes to a joust, which is fought with lances. Sometimes a tournament opens with a melee, fighting between swordsmen on horseback, with as many riders as possible on the tournament field at the same time, in two groups or a free-for-all.

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