Pots Merchant
Pots Merchant

The pottery merchant has a house much more luxurious than those of the craftsmen. It is entirely of brick, with tiles on the roof and the floor. There are fout distinct areas in the house. At the front, a reception area where customers can purchase items. At the back are the merchant's private quarters, an innovation. Upstairs is a bedroom, and downstairs a kitchen. Each of these two rooms has a built-in privy that emties into a cess cellar under the house. This type of cess cellar is like a huge sieve: the liquid disappears into the ground, while the solid matter gradually turns into compost. During excavation work, these cess cellars have proven to be real treasure troves, because all kinds of other waste were thrown in them as well. Each room in this luxurious house has a grand fireplace. Many towns have strict fire refulations, as people are fearful of fires starting in towns. Accordingly, every fireplace is subject tot tax. The products for sale comprise dinnerware and suchlike: local red pottery and grey-white stoneware from Rhineland.

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