About Archeon

About Archeon

Our mission statement

Archeon, 9000 years of history of the Netherlands.

From prehistory, 8800 BC, through the Roman Period up till the Middle Ages in the 15th century AD.

Archeon as an institute is unique, for it presents her products in a musealogical way, as well as delivering them recreatively. The main goals within the organization are therefor education and entertainment. The combination of these goals illustrates the perfect collaboration between two 'labels' often placed on Archeon. On one hand Archeon can be described as being a themepark, on the other hand Archeon operates like a museum.

Rather than choosing between these two options, we embrace the core of both labels. Archeon is neither a themepark, nor a museum, Archeon is a museumpark. This is well reflected in the mission statement of the organization.


Archeon hosts the encounter between a broad public and the history of the Netherlands in an informative and interactive fashion, aspiring to realize a pleasant, fun and educational experience in a (pre)historic environment, which has been reconstructed to be as authentic as possible. Archeon manages and presents authentic reconstructions of 43 buildings, multiple monuments and other objects based on arhcaeological excavations from the mesolithic (6000BC-) up till medieval times (1350 AD), to secure the material and immaterial heritage of the Netherlands for present and future use. Expansion of present knowledge will be garantued through research and experimental archaeology. (pre)Historically dressed ArcheoGuides interactively translate the past to the present, with as main goals education and historic entertainment.



  • Interactively includes a broad audience within the story told;
  • Acts as a center of knowledge on the archaeology and history of the Netherlands, where visitors can gain knowledge in different ways;
  • Stays interesting and new for recurring visitors because of her dynamic nature (due to the employees, activities and shows);
  • Is not only an educational experience, but also a marvelous trip;
  • Shows the diversity of our country and the development of our society throughout the years;
  • Visualizes the link between past and present;
  • Is an organization with both cultural and commercial aspects;
  • Is the stage for history fans (visitors, employees and volunteers) to develop themselves;
  • In an example for similar European organizations;

Archeon participates in the European Open Arch project. A total of 10 parthnes collaborates from 2011 till 2015, organizing staff exchanges and working on several workpackages. 



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