Activities & Entertainment

Activities & Entertainment


Delve into history and build the future of your company.

Archeon offers a wide range of team building and motivational activities led by experienced professional trainers. Each component has been carefully selected for optimal results in a relaxed atmosphere. In lesser weather we will continue the activities indoors.

Increase the solidarity within your company and let people discover their abilities. Start working on the future of your company by starting today.

In historical atmosphere your team will experience historic activities. Build a vikingtent, archery, create fire with flint and steel, walk with the A-frame, calculate distances using the roman groma and solve the tangram puzzle. No one will be able to hide their talent anymore.

You and your team will be welcomed at the Roman temple. The game will be introduced and explained. The journey back to the past can begin.

When the different game parts are completed the teams will return to the Roman temple. The winner will be announced in a special way. The group that has pleased the gods the most will recieve a message from the oracle.

  • € 27,50 p.p. 4 activities. Duration is approximately 2 hours
  • € 30,50 p.p. 5 activities. Duration is approximately 2 1/2 hours


Team building packages

Minerva € 34.50 p.p.
Park entrance, 4 activities. Duration is approximately 2 hours

Apollo € 36.95 p.p.
Same as Minerva but with coffee / tea
Roman and apple pie with honey walnut sirup and cream

Mercury € 46.50 p.p.
Same as Apollo expanded coffee:
Artisan bread, fruit bread, cheese, spicy sausage, ham of the Gaul, Caesar pâté, mackerel,
confectionery, coffee, tea, milk, fruit.

Festive close
Archeon offers the possibility to finish the day with an aperitif, followed by a (fiery) bacchanal. In the winter months we offer a winter stews buffet or one of our evenings with thematic music or thematic entertainment.


Activity tour (Doe-Route)

A guided tour through the prehsitoric, Roman or medieval parts of our park. In groups of 20 people you will explore one of the periods in history including historic activities.

Depending on the age of the groupmembers and weather conditions, Archeon will choose from the various activities.

Activity tour (Doe-Route) € 79.00 (exclusive entrance fee)




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