Archeon has several unique locations for the most important day of your life!

We have several unique locaions that are perfect for parties and meetings. Each room has special qualities, suitable for miscellaneous revenue. The hall of the medieval monastery is warm with a very cozy atmosphere. In the Roman Inn we have appropriate meeting rooms and rooms where a coffee or lunch can be organized. The impressive bathhouse is perfect for a unique reception. The atrium is ideal for a big party.

Roman Inn (herberg)

herberg V9 outl

In the Roman inn are several rooms available:


  • Atrium (ca. 500 people)
  • Triclinium (ca. 35 people)

Upstairs, 4 rooms:

  • Bacchi (ca. 250 people)
  • Plotinae (ca. 100 people)
  • Vini (ca. 35 people)
  • Frumenti (ca. 35 people)

The entire Roman Inn is suitable for groups up to 800 people. In combination with the adjacent Roman bathhouse the capacity is about 1250 people. In fine weather, the outdoor terrace is at your disposal.

Atrium vergadering Bacchi
Atrium Bacchi
Atrium2 Plotinae
Atrium Plotinae

Vini en Frumenti

Vini en Frumenti  


Roman bathhouse (badhuis)

badhuis V9 outl

The Roman bathhouse is an unique location including :

  • the Solarium (ca. 250 people)
  • the bathhouse wih two bathrooms, a massageroom and a receptionroom (ca. 300 people) 


Medieval Monastery (klooster)

klooster V9 outl

The Monastery is located in the Medieval city 'Gravendam' at Archeon. The Monastery has three cozy rooms:

  • The Monastery kitchen (ca. 20 people)
  • de Reftectory (ca. 50 people)
  • de Cloister Room (ca. 200 people) 
Kloosterzaal feest Refter
Cloister Room Reftectory





Roman Inn




100 m²



165 m²



50 m²





Other rooms




335 m²


Roman Inn

815 m²



325 m²



325 m²


The room rent depends on the number of people and time of use. 
We provide the rooms in any room setup desired including audiovisual means.

For more information and reservations get in contact.


We have various unique locations to give your event that little bit extra! Ranging from a cozy dinner with the family to a fantastic party with hundreds of guests.

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Food & Beverage

Come and enjoy old-fashioned with your guests. We provide delicious drinks and food for your dinner, barbecue, drink, reception or party.

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To be sure that we are organizing the event that you are looking for, we would be happy to make a special-made offer without obligation.

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Wedding day

Wedding ceremonies, receptions or parties; There are many options for an unforgettable day at Archeon.

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Wedding day
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Bachelor(ette) Party

Have the time of your live at the most exciting bachelor(ette) party! Come to Archeon and have fun!

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Bachelor(ette) Party
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Archeon has several unique locations for the most important day of your life!

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