Day of celebration

Day of celebration

A day of celebration including entrance, welcome with coffee, tea, Roman apple pie and a delicious lunch!

Upon arrival you will be welcomed with coffee, tea and a delicious Roman apple pie with whipped cream and honey-walnut sauce.

A delicious lunch
At lunchtime your guests can gather in our Roman inn or Medieval monastery, where lunch has been prepared for you.

You can enjoy:
Monastery or garrisonsoup, freshly baked bread, fruit cake
Gallic ham, pate, chest, sausage
Butter, sweets, coffe, tea, milk and fruit


Children to 3 years Free
Children 4 to 11 years € 28,50 p.p.
12 years and older € 38,50 p.p.
65+ € 36,50 p.p.
Parking € 6,95

Please book up front, so we can prepare your visit.

Acitve tour

Expand your day at Archeon with an active tour (90 minutes) through the prehistory, Roman era or the Middle Ages.

Reserve a day of celebration

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