In Dorestad there is a small group of three buildings, like the one in Dorestad around 800 AD. stood.

Up front, closest to the water, stands a merchant house with a thatched roof. This home is modeled like those found in Hedeby (Dk) in archaeological research. Right behind the house is a so-called hutkom. This is a building that is only used as a workshop, for example, by a glass bead maker or blacksmith. This hutkom was excavated in Rijnsburg. The main building is a semi house with barn work, found in the soil survey in Valkenburg (ZH) whiere the settlement Woerd was discovered in the early Middle Ages.

The house of this merchant from Dorestad is largely made of wood. In combination with the reed on the roof it makes a dangerous place for open fires. That is why the fire pit is located in the middle of the room, so that the smoke can escape through the 'ow holes' in the roof. The fire has been raised so that it is easier to cook on.

Right behind this house is a so-called cabin. This is a building that is used exclusively as a workshop, for example by a glass bead maker or goldsmith.

Some Vikings, who probably visited Dorestad regularly, could read and write. For this they used a rune script, which we call Futhark. The Vikings used these runes, for example, to decorate large stones, so that we can still see and decipher this writing today.

Viking boat
Small boats could be used by the locals for fishing or as a means of transport. The Vikings were good sailors and were excellent at trading. Their ships also allowed them to navigate shallow waters so that they could go relatively far inland.

Gokstad Viking Ship
The Gokstad Viking Ship was found in 1880 at the Gokstad farm in Sandar on the Sandefjord near Vestfold in Norway. A famous Viking is buried in this ship as a seaman's grave and with many valuable gifts, such as 10 horses and many jewelry.

Two small ships have sunk above the large ship. It is remarkable that the sword does not go into the grave. This is the case with all Viking graves.

The ship is very well preserved and the wood is in good condition, partly because of the clay in the bottom and because there was no contact with oxygen underwater.

A replica of the Gokstad Viking Ship was made in 1892 and sailed to America on the occasion of the celebration of 400 years Columbus and his crossing over the Atlantic Ocean.

In 1893 the Gokstad was shown at the world expo in Chicago.

The original Gokstad Viking Ship can now be admired in Olso in the Viking Ship Museum.

Previously made replica can be seen in the Vikingskipmuset in Roskilde Denmark.

Two beautiful replicas of the Gokstad Viking Ship can be admired in Archeon. A Viking boat of 6 meters and a Viking boat of 12 meters. The replicas were built in Stockholm by Jan Mellring.

Read more about the construction of the Viking boats here.
And see here how the construction process works.
Watch the video of the building process of the small Gokstad boat here.



Viking events in Museumpark Archeon
Around Pentecost and the end of August there is an annual Viking week(end) in Museumpark Archeon. About 300 Vikings from Germany, the Netherlands and Poland set up their camp in the park.

There are plenty of stalls selling everything from jewelry to clothes, soap to mead, weaponry to toys. The Vikings also do not like to sit still, they like to talk about daily life in the early Middle Ages. During the weekend they give a demonstration of the different weapons and clothing that were used and worn by the Vikings. The Vikings are diligent farmers, skilled craftsmen, clever traders, brave fighters and, above all, intrepid explorers.

The Vikings have left a great impression until today. Many place names, especially in England, therefore come from the Scandinavian language. Jewelry and utensils used by the Vikings have been found all over Europe. People also wrote about the Vikings. The English thought they were strange - before a big fight they spent hours washing themselves, combing their hair and braiding beards. The Vikings believed that if they died in battle, they could go to Valhalla. A place where partying and fighting were eternal. And then you better look a little tidy!

View the event calendar here.

Destination Viking Association
Museumpark Archeon is a member of Destination Viking Association. Destination Viking focuses on the travel experience. More than 60 partners from 16 countries have come together to develop a limitless tourist destination that focuses on the Viking world.

Visit the Follow The Vikings website here.

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