What to do?

What to do?


From 09.45 am the entrance building is opened. The park is open from 10:00 am. The supervisors report the arrival of your group to our cashiers and receive a daily program and a map of the park. For each student there is a passport and a free return ticket. On the daily program the activities are mentioned that the students can participate.

DO-route (reservation in advance, € 79,- per DO-route)

Accompanied by a Archeotolk your students will get to know the living, work and life of prehistoric hunters, Roman soldiers and/or medieval craftsmen. Your students will actively work with 2 to 3 different activities. The DO-route in the morning lasts from 10:15 to 11:45. The Archeotolk is waiting for you in the camp in prehistory, at the Forum in Roman times or at the monastery in the Middle Ages. Here you should gather with your group(s) of max. 20 students per group. The DO-route in the afternoon lasts from 12:30 to 14:00 pm. Of course you can choose to follow two different routes; one in the morning and afternoon.

Archaeology House (free)

In the farm -Villa of Rijswijk- you can watch the introduction movie about prehistoric, Roman and medieval times. You can see more than 600 finds including the stories and traditions behind these discoveries.

Lunch (reservation in advance)

In the park there are many picnic areas and cozy spots where you can have lunch with your students. Archeon has for each student a free drink. The supervisors can pick them up in the Roman tavern during lunchtime. You will also receive trash bags to collect waste.

If you have a lunch reservation the supervisors will receive information about how and where they can pick up the lunch. 

Shows and demonstrations

Temple ceremony in the temple of Nehalennia (14.00 pm)

Gladiator Fight in the Arena (14.30 pm)
The Gladiator Combat takes about 30 minutes . Please be on time, you can not leave the Arena during the show.


After the Gladiator Fight around the clock of 15.00 pm supervisors can pick up the free ice-cream at the intersection of the Bathhouse .

Teachers Afternoon

During the schoolyear we organize a midday supervisiors on every Wednesday (except holidays ). At 14:00 pm starts the tour of the park . Please preregister by mail: educatie@archeon.nl

Practical information

Toilets : Roman baths, Roman tavern, medieval monastery, gallery bathhouse
First Aid: Report to the First Aid post in the Roman baths or call 0172 44 77 02 
Lost and found: report at checkout/entrance

Rules of Conduct

Archeon shall conduct according to the national norms and values. We ask teachers to explain this clearly to the students and they accompany this day. At suspicion or detection of abnormal behavior supervisory staff will take appropriate action and if necessary remove students from the park.

Expedition tours (HAVO en VWO)

During the Archeon expedition tours of the prehistoric, Roman and medieval times, students of secondary schools can visit our park indepentent. On their way they see, do and experience everything and they have to answer several questions. Click below to download the expedition tours:

Expedition tour Prehistoric

Expedition tour Roman

Expedition tour Medieval times

Discovery tours (VMBO en HAVO)

Especially for secondary (HAVO) students Archeon has developed an educational program*. The tour takes the students through the prehistoric and Roman times to the Middle Ages. On their way they see, do and experience everything and they have to answer several questions. A very fun way to explore Archeon. Teachers can obtain the answers by emailing educatie@archeon.nl

* In association with Botter education (BOTTER EDUCATION) Archeon has developed this educational program.

You can download the discovery tours for your students below:

Discovery tours VMBO

Doe Route

Onder begeleiding van een Archeotolk maken de leerlingen kennis met het wonen, werken en leven van prehistorische jagers, Romeinse soldaten en/of middeleeuwse ambachtslieden. Hierbij gaan ze aan de slag met verschillende activiteiten.

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Schoolreis lunch

Maak je schoolreis compleet en geniet met de klas van een verzorgde lunch zoals heerlijke frites met mayo en biologische kipnuggets.

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Reserveer schoolreis

Ga mee op avontuur en reserveer hier direct jouw schoolreis naar Archeon.


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