Roam through prehistory, get very close to the Romans, discover South Holland Archeology House and dive into the Middle Ages. Step into the middle of history and discover how it used to be. The buildings, huts and houses have actually stood or are still in our country. Visit the South Holland Archeology House and discover the real finds.

History is alive in Archeon! 

Find your way through Prehistoric times, meet the Romans and stroll through Medieval streets. Archeon is the most exiting schooltrip you and your students will experience! During the day there are countless activities, spectaculair shows and there is a lot to learn about our past. 
Archeon is habited by Archeotolks, they re-enact the past in three different times. They will be happy to tell the children about the work they do and the struggles our ancestors faced in the past. 

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Doe route

Under the supervision of an Archeotolk, the students are introduced to the living, working and living of prehistoric hunters, Roman soldiers and / or medieval artisans. Hereby they start with different activities.

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Schooltrip lunch

Complete your schooltrip and enjoy a well-cared-for lunch with the class such as delicious French fries with mayo and organic chicken nuggets.

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