Reassure your booking

Reassure your booking

Do you find booking a vacation still suspenseful? No problem. You can book with confidence at Archeon!

Free rebooking guarantee
You can rebook for free to another dat up to 30 days before arrival at Archeon. You do not need a statement from the goverment for this. Will the total amount of your booking increase? You will then pay the difference of these two prices.

Up to 1 day before arrival: free rebooking in difficult circumstances
Can't come yto Archeon because of measures from the goverment of your country? No worries, because we offer you the option to rebook your vacation up to 1 day before arrival. Will the total amount of your booking increase? Then you will pay the difference of these two prices.
The above applies when your vacation at Archeon starts and the goverment officially announces (on their website that:

  • The borders are closed and you cannot come as a result
  • Negative travel advice applis to the Netherlands and/or South-Holland
  • Quarantine obligation applies to arrival and/or return in combination with a negative travel advice

Free cancellation
Cancel for free within 14 days (provided your arrival date further away then 30 days). Have you already paid? We will then cancel your current booking and tranfer the amount you have already paid to a new booking with a new arrival date chosen by you.

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