Shoes weekend

Shoes weekend

19/10/2024 - 20/10/2024

Shoes weekend

Take a step back in time and walk the path of the first inhabitants of the Netherlands. In Mesolithic times, they most likely walked on bare feet. Being used to it, they weren’t bothered with pointy rocks and prickly twigs. Also, they travelled around with their canoe most of the times.

In later prehistoric times, when the funnel-beaker farmers were around and were building their hunebedden, we can see that people did have shoes. This was not only more comfortable working the fields, but also safer and warmer.

And then… came the Romans. Marching thousands of miles through Europe, they were in need of good footwear. For example leather sandals with spikes! Those turned out to be very practical in the cold and wet soil here in the Netherlands. Discover all the special kinds of shoes from the Roman time yourself!

In Carolingian times Dorestad was a rich and prosperous city in the Netherlands. This is were wealthy clergy would even wear shoes made of silk! Ordinary people would wear leather shoes with socks. Those socks were made with a special technique called needle binding. Perhaps you can have a go at this technique yourself.

Klompen maken demonstratie.jpg

Of course there will be a special place for the most famous shoes of the Netherlands: clogs. The oldest clog found dates back to the 13th century. Justus Vriend, Janneke Zuyderwyk and Gerald Getkate are clogmakers and will demonstrate the craft of making wooden clogs by hand. In the Netherlands here are not many left who still carry out the art of clogmaking. Justus, Janneke and Gerald are skilled in making Twentse clogs for male and female. These type of clogs are recognisable by their pointy nose.

This weekend will also be dedicated to Saint Crispijn, patron saint of the shoemakers guild. On Sunday 22nd of October a procession for Saint Crispijn is scheduled in the middle ages in which visitors can participate.

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