Roman Festival

Roman Festival

04/08/2024 - 17/08/2024

Roman Festival

Avé, the Romans are coming! From July 31 to August 13, the annual Roman weeks will take place for the 24th time! Roman legionaries encamp, accompanied by craftsmen, women and children. Visit the Roman encampment, watch their demonstrations, and enjoy many more activities.

Become a Roman yourself! Follow a training and become a true legionnaire. March among the soldiers in the Roman legion. Afterwards you can relax in the typical Roman bathhouse and enjoy a massage. Or get creative and make your own fibula that you can take home with you. Every day the tensions rises during the gladiator show in the arena of Archeon. During this spectacular show the gladiators will fight for their freedom. Take your seat in the audience and cheer for your champion!

Free entrance with the Museum card. 
Program subject to change.

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