Prehistoric weekend

Prehistoric weekend

27/06/2020 - 12/07/2020

Prehistoric weekend

Prehistory is often overlooked in the past, because this period takes place before the beginning of history. We do not always know how people lived, what traditions and customs they had, what they believe or why. But many things we do know, thanks to the objects and other debris they left behind.

If you are reading this now, you can find something that they had not even thought of: reading and writing. We assume that they have communicated with each other through language, but how exactly we do not know. However, people have left traces which we can infer how they built houses, worked the land, what they ate and what they wore. During this weekend you can see how it was thousands of years ago!

In the Stone Age, animals are skinned and tanned leather. These can be made into beautiful clothes again. At the first farmers they make bread that you can also try yourself. At the Bronze Age, they proces metal, as the oven is lit to cast the bronze. Everywhere our prehistoric ancestors are busy preparing food and prepare for the long, cold winter. They could use your help, maybe you should therefore taste when it's ready!

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