Culinary weekend

Culinary weekend

21/09/2024 - 22/09/2024

Culinary weekend

During this weekend, culinary chef Pierre Wind will be visiting Archeon. On both Saturday and Sunday he will share appetizers with bugs from prehistoric times, Roman dishes for all, and a medieval roast.  

|People living in Mesolithic era were mostly occupied with hunting and gathering food. Their diet consisted of fish, small animals, nuts, and roots from plants and bushes. In Archeon the hunters and gatherers will be busy with roasting a boar. Have a taste of fish prepared in a pit and cook an apple on a stick with the first farmers.  

In Roman times small bites were prepared on the streets for the always on the go Romans. Have a taste of the delicious culinary food brought to us by the Romans or have a chat with a wine merchant selling his goods. Try the food that was consumed by senators 2000 years ago. Tasty libum (Roman bread) with moretum (Roman herbal cheese) are some examples of what will be offered.

In the middle ages the daily menu contain a stew or porridge, supplemented with bread from the baker and ale from the ‘Minderbroeder Monastery’. In higher society they required some more luxury, preferably a dinner with more courses. Food looking expensive was just as important as it tasting good. Bring a visit to the medieval baker for a treat or enjoy a buckwheat pancake from the beekeeper.

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