Archeon is the perfect location for any business event, so lets make history together! Our historical locations (Cloister, bathhouse, inn) can hold up to 800 people. A small meeting? A big conference? Product launch? Do you want to give your employees something extra special? Archeon is the place for you.  Several big businesses have held huge celebrations in our park, our team has twenty years of experience in business solutions and our staff is fluent in several languages.

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We have various unique locations to give your event that little bit extra! Ranging from a cozy dinner with the family to a fantastic party with hundreds of guests.

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Food & Beverage

Come and enjoy old-fashioned with your guests. We provide delicious drinks and food for your dinner, barbecue, drink, reception or party.

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To be sure that we are organizing the event that you are looking for, we would be happy to make a special-made offer without obligation.

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