A save visit to Archeon

A save visit to Archeon

Archeon reopens on May 21, 2020. This will be done in an adapted manner and with a limited number of visitors.

Update opening days

Open every Saturday and Sunday from 21 November and every day during the Christmas holidays.

A safe visit to Archeon together
Archeon implements the measures from the protocol "A safe visit to Archeon", which are in line with the guidelines of the RIVM. This protocol has been compiled on the basis of the protocol Club of 11, the Netherlands Museum Association and the corona protocol team of Archeon. Because we strictly observe these measures, we ensure that your day out continues to be pleasant.

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We provide 1.5 meters between households
Make sure that you can always keep 1.5 meters distance from others. We 
avoid one-to-one contact as much as possible. 

Keep your distance
Stay at least one and a half meters away from other guests and our staff. Upon arrival you will receive a 1.5 meter long willow branch that you must carry with you throughout the visit to monitor the distance.

Book your visit online in advance
Visitors must book their visit in advance via this website. This way we keep the number of visitors under control. We allow a maximum number of visitors at Archeon. You can book your visit online at https://archeon.tijdsblok.nu/ 

Come as much as possible with your own transport and with your own household.
The bicycle racks will be 1.5 meters apart.
Follow the parking attendant's instructions upon arrival.

Entrance and shop
From the parking lot to the entrance and shop, waiting compartments are arranged in such a way that a distance of 1.5 meters is created between the compartments. The inputs and outputs are separated. Pay only with pin or contactless.

Walking route
There is one set route to follow through the park. Entrances and exits are separated, this applies to the entrance, but also to the farms and houses in the park. Follow the route, signs and directions from our staff.

Activities & shows
All activities continue. For example, they are all more spacious so that there is 1.5 meters away. Attributes are cleaned after each round. The temple ceremony and gladiator fight also continue. For the activities and shows, the queues and seats are indicated by posts and / or marking, so that there is 1.5 meters away. Follow the route, signs and directions from our employees at all times.

Restaurants and catering in Archeon are open for take away. Unfortunately, it is not possible to consume the (take away) drinks and food inside. There are picnic tables outside our park where you can take a seat.

We provide extra hygiene measures
In Archeon you have to follow the same rules as at home or on the street.

  • Do you have to sneeze or cough? Then do this in your elbow
  • Blow your nose into a tissue and throw it away immediately
  • Wash your hands regularly. Do this for at least 20 seconds. Use the available disinfection points.

Archeon provides multiple disinfection points in the park. In addition, sanitary buildings and contact points such as door handles are cleaned extra often.

We provide sufficient and clear information
We provide clear information in advance on the website, by means of signs in the park and an information sheet at the entrance where everything is clearly explained. Our employees also help with this. They are ready to answer your questions.

Wear a face mask. 
We advise you to wear a mask in all indoor areas and in the queues. 

Do you have any questions? We can be reached by telephone at 0172-447744.

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