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Expeditie Archeon

An adventurous holiday is the experience you get in Archeon. The Archeon guide, our resident, will take you on this expedition, but you can also explore the world of history yourself. You will stay in our 4-person Lodge tents, on the "Expedition Archeon"area, in the center of the park and enjoy a wonderful holiday. The lodges are fully equipped and comfortably furnished. There is a kitchen with a refrigerator, electric stove, a coffee machine with cups, water kettle, a cozy sitting area and a private toilet with shower. The refrigerator is stocked with breakfast products from the Groene Hart (Green Heart) and delicious fresh bread rolls are delivered daily for breakfast. After breakfast there is plenty to do! You can participate in the guided tours and activities on the day program or go on a special expedition tour with our Archeon guide and do lots of fun activities exclusively for your group. Will you become the Robin Hood of archery in the Middle Ages? Canoeing in a dugout canoe, making fire in prhistoric times, making a fibula in Roman times, excercise like a legionnaire, making felt bracelets in the Middle Ages, making candles at the beekeeper, learning sword fighting, archery, visiting the various crafts in the medieval street. Long story short, there is so much to do, that you are running out of time! At the end of the day you can enjoy a swim in the Roman outdoor pool or take a nice evening walk in Archeon or sail in the dugout canoe with the moon shining over Archeon! On the first day the most delicious dutch pancakes are on the menu in our Medieval Monastery with dessert. The last day will be finished with delicious Italian pizzas in the Roman Inn with dessert. The package includes a daily delicious breakfast and two dinners!

Medieval holiday

You will stay in the bedroom of the cobbler, weaver or joiners house. Spacious rooms with oak wood floor and royal furniture. A king size bed and two or three single beds. In the evening and morning you can make your own tea or coffee. Very comfortable, spacious and all in historic atmosphere. In the nearby building you will have acces to a toilets and showers. Your medieval clothing is authentic to the 14th century. As well as your shoes and meals. During opening hours and while in historic costume, phones, watches, rings, make-up, television, newspaper, camera or other modern accesoires are not permitted. Other visitors of the park will hold conversation with you and may even ask to take your picture. After the day visitors leave there will be plenty of time to take your own pictures and enjoy a cozy campfire.

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