Celebrate the winter in Archeon!

Celebrate the winter in Archeon!

Celebrate the winter in Archeon

From the 21st of December 2019 to the 5th of January 2020
31 December and 1 January closed

Archeon opens from Saturday, December 23th the gates for Winter at Archeon. For two weeks, until Sunday, January 7th, the park is transformed into a Dutch Winter World in prehistoric, Roman and medieval times. In Archeon is plenty of entertainment and fun during the Christmas holidays. The first snow has already fallen. In Heerestraat of the medieval town Gravendam and Dorestad the trees and houses shrouded under a white blanket of snow.

All 43 buildings, farms and cabins are decorated entirely for the winter and occupied by our residents. The fire crackles and it is wonderfully warm. The foundry has been busy with the casting of bronze objects. The first farmers, the Hunebed builders and hunters are busy with activities like: edit flint and fire making.

In the Middle Ages, it is a hive of activity. It's winter and there's a lot of work at home. The blacksmith, the baker and the weaver like to show their craft. There are sandwiches and baked wafers and make you felt bracelets. On the market shows the fire-eater show his skills and swordsman teach you different techniques with the sword.

Prices Celebrate Winter

Entrance child till the age of 4 Free
Entrance childeren 4 - 9 years € 19,90 p.p. - online € 18,90 p.p.
Entrance adult 10+ € 22,90 p.p. - online € 21,90 p.p.
Entrance adult 65+ € 21,90 p.p. - online € 20,90 p.p.
Familycard - 4 adults 10+ € 85,60 - online € 84,60
Familycard - 2 adults 10+ 
& 2 children 4 - 9 years
€ 82,60 - online € 81,60
Parking €   6,95 per car 

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