Help us save our Roman Ship!

Help us save our Roman Ship!

A crowdfunding campaign


A lot of treasures from our Roman past have been swallowed by the earth forever. In Alphen aan den Rijn however these traces of the past have come to live and Roma history van be re-lived! Using full-scale reconstructions thousands of children get taught the rich stories of our past. One of the most important reconstructions, our local pride, is in great danger. The Zwammerdam 6, a famous Roman ship, urgently needs restauration.

An important story

Over forty years ago six Roman ships were excavated in Zwammerdam. This discovery turned out to be of national and international importance, as is witnessed by the attention the excavations received from Queen Juliana and Princess Margriet van Vollenhoven. The ships told us a new story on life at the Limes, the Roman Border. These ships carried exotic goods to us, such as wine, fruits and herbs. They currently symbolize the Roman history of our proud country and play a vital part in the UNESCO world heritage nomination of the Limes.

Ship in peril!

These ships are currently not available to the public, which is why our reconstruction plays such a vital role in telling this story to the public. Over time the ship has suffered from corrosion by use and the wheather. To protect our regional heritage and to also be able to actively tell the story of our Roman history using this ship in the future, the ship will have to be restored.

What can you do?

We need aproximately €35.000 to start this project. Using crowdfunding, we aim to reach this target within 1 month. From May 10th up till June 10th you can help us restore the ship. Using the website below, small donations can be made. Each donation will in return receive a token of our gratitude.

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