Where are my shoes

Where are my shoes

22/10/2022 - 23/10/2022

Where are my shoes

Follow the footsteps of the first inhabitants of our country. Trijntje from the Mesolithic probably walked barefoot. If you are used to that, you don't feel every little stone stinging. And besides, she and her family usually travelled by canoe.

A little later in prehistory, among the funnel cup farmers who also built their megalithic tombs, you can see that people did wear shoes. This was not only more pleasant to do in the fields, but also safer and warmer.

And then.... came the Romans. They marched thousands of kilometres across Europe. On sandals with spikes! Quite practical in our cold and wet country. Discover the special types of shoes in Roman times.

During the Carolingian period in the Netherlands, Dorestad was a prosperous trading centre. Even silk mules were worn here by very rich clergymen, for example. But ordinary people wore leather shoes. And socks, made in the special technique of needle binding. Maybe ... you can learn that technique this weekend.

The weekend is also dedicated to St Chrispijn, the patron saint of the Guild of Shoemakers. On Sunday 23 October, the programme includes the Procession of St. Crisper in the Middle Ages, in which visitors can take part.

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