Spring Holiday

Spring Holiday

06/02/2020 - 02/03/2020

Spring Holiday

Enjoy the living history of the Netherlands

Jannes de Goochelaar is a welcome guest in Gravendam. Come and watch the fantastic show full of humor an medieval magic. In the Archeologhyhouse of South Holland and Roman museum you can see many finds and a beautiful film about the history of South Holland. In the Roman Bathhouse is a exhibition about Spartacus.

Magic show Secret in the Monastery
Jannes de Goochelaar is a welcome guest in Gravendam. The baker, the blacksmith and the weaver like to watch Jannes' enchanting magic tricks. Elf gold, magic playing cards, mysterious pots ... it seems like magic and not everyone in Gravendam loves magic! The brothers find that magic but nothing and exactly there in their monastery Jannes secretly for your performance! So quietly sneak into the monastery and come and watch this show full of humor and ... medieval magic!

Archeologyhouse of South Holland and Roman Museum
Visit the Roman Museum with the history of South Holland, beautiful films and many finds.

The Zwammerdam 2
In the Roman Restoration Yard yo can see the original Zwammerdam 2. View the restoration of the Zwammerdam ships. These ships were excavated in 1974 in Zwammerdam and are being restored in the Zwammerdam Yard at Archeon. 

Exhibition “Ubi est …Spartacus”
Where is Spartacus. Come and visit the exhibition and discover the legend and story of Spartacus in our Roman Bathhouse.

You can visit all 43 buildings, farms and cabins and they are occupied by our residents. The fire crackles and it is wonderfully warm. The foundry has been busy with the casting of bronze objects. The first farmers, the Hunebed builders and hunters are busy with activities like: edit flint and fire making.

In the Middle Ages, it is a hive of activity. It's spring and there's a lot of work at home and already outside.  The blacksmith, the baker and the weaver like to show their craft. There are sandwiches and baked wafers and make you felt bracelets




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