Saint Crispijn and Crispiaen

Saint Crispijn and Crispiaen

27/10/2019 - 27/10/2019

Saint Crispijn and Crispiaen

Celebrate the feast of St. Crispijn and St. Crispiaen, the Patron Saints of the Guild of the Cobblers. Visitors of Archeon who want to revive and experience the Middle Ages, we cordially invite you to join in a festive procession, also known as procession. The start time is shown on the day program.

If you want to participate in the parade, you can report to the Brothers in the monastery fifteen minutes before the start. We are looking for children who want to carry the banners of the shoemakers guild and other guilds. We also carry the flags of our town of Gravendam. Some parents can become a Brother. We are also looking for singing adults who listen to the procession. Before the procession starts, we do Medieval clothing on modern clothes, we take over the roles and we perform a singing exercise.

During the procession, the Brothers sing the Litany of all Saints. In it today the Latin names of St. Crispinus (Saint Crispinus) and Saint Crispians (Saint Crispinianus) are also mentioned.

After the procession, each participant gets a little Medieval delicacy.

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