Opening season 2016

Opening season 2016

20/03/2016 - 30/10/2016

Opening season 2016

Every tuesday till sunday open from 10.00 - 17.00

Step in the history and discover how life used to be. The buildings, huts and houses have really been in our country or are still there. Visit the Roman Museum and discover the real finds from South Holland. Every day we close with a spectacular gladiator fight in the Arena.


Go on a journey: very far back in time to the camp of the hunter-gatherers. Here you get acquainted with the hunter and discover how they lived. You can sail in a dugout canoe and enjoy the barefoot path. In the beautiful mesohut you see how people used to live. Then you will visit the first farmers, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age.


Roman era
In the Roman town there is a bath house, a temple and a Roman inn. In the arena the gladiators are fighting for their lives. Also, you can participate in many activities such as: Roman drill, a Roman massage, make a fibula or a herbs quest.


Middle Ages
In the medieval town Gravendam people live in the 14th century. The craftsmen are working hard and you can visit the woodworker, the baker or blacksmith. You can also get to work with a felt bracelet, sword fighting and archery. For younger children there is also a playground and maze to discover.


Roman Museum
The introductory film takes you on a journey through the history of our country. You can work like a real archaeologists on the different laboratory tables. Research real archaeological pottery and touch skeletal material from animals! Many Roman finds from Alphen aan den Rijn tell the story of the soldiers, but also the local residents. Discover how the Romans wrote (and try it yourself), see what kind of weapons they were wearing and how they paid for it.

Panecakehouse 'The Monastery'

On openingdays you can eat delicious pancakes according to the recipe of Pierre Wind.

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