National Archeology Days

National Archeology Days

11/10/2019 - 13/10/2019

National Archeology Days

Much of our distant history is often surprisingly close. Under our feet. In the bottom. Do you also want to discover which stories are hidden in Dutch soil? Come hear, see and dig during the National Archeology Days in Archeon.

National Archeology Days
A long weekend where everyone who is interested in the rich past of our country can get acquainted with the fun and fascinating world of Dutch archeology. Everyone can come watch, listen, taste and smell and make the hands dirty. You do not have to be an archaeologist to be able to participate. Come eye to eye with the traces of a distant past. Everybody is welcome.

An excavation is organized especially for children where pottery and Roman coins can be found. The AWN is present both days and shows what they are doing: washing and restoring finds from books to discover what it could be like.

The permanent set-up in the Archeology House has been renewed, new finds have been put in the display case and there is a new exchange exhibition, but there is also a new resident. From now on you can meet "personally" in the Archeology House with one of the people from the Bronze Age Tomb of Wassenaar. His face was reconstructed using forensic techniques based on his skull. You can make your own selfie in the Bronze Age.

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