Knights and birds of prey

Knights and birds of prey

22/08/2020 - 23/08/2020

Knights and birds of prey

Become a knights and be a part of the birds of prey show with owls and other big birds.

Delegated knights come to Archeon to fight the dispute with the knight's tournament. Who do you support in the fight?

Become a knight too!
All knights can be trained to become true knights: after they have shown that they can fight swords, are courteous and creative, they can take home a certificate. The ladies - after all, what a knight is without a lady - have plenty to do. They can felt bracelets or learn to archery. In the Middle Ages the ladies were of course not allowed to learn sword fighting and the knights had better things to do than felt, but nowadays it is of course also the other way around!

Birds of prey
Be a part of this show with owls and other birds of prey. Watch out, they fly right over you!
Do you dare? Then come along soon!

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