City of Sinterklaas

City of Sinterklaas

23/11/2019 - 24/11/2019

City of Sinterklaas

Visit Archeon and visit the city of Sinterklaas!

Are you going to help all the Pieten?

House of the Sint - Bedroom of the Sint - Pietenroom
Cobblerpiet - Acrobatpiet - Writepiet - Presentspiet - Gingernutpiet


City of Sinterklaas

In the City of Sinterklaas will the Sint stay in the Koopmanshome at Archeon, visit his residence and his special workroom. The pieten stay in the big pietenbedroom. The packagepiet, the horsepiet, the donkeypiet and the hammerpiet, they are all there! Let's not forget about the gingernutpiet, he bakes a lot of gingernuts in the bakery of Archeon.

Piet Diploma

There are various activities such as: packages shooting, locust staff walking, climbing fireplace, have your face painted as an auxiliary sintering or important person, writing with a feather. If you properly do your best, you deserve your Piet Diploma. Of course Sinterklaas will visit the park!

Sinterklaas brunch

On the 24th of November and 1st of December there will be a delicious Sinterklaasbrunch including entrance for the City of Sinterklaas. More information about the Sinterklaas brunch here. 

Opening hours & Entrance fees

The city of sinterklaas is open from 11.00 am - 5.00 pm.


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