All Saints

All Saints

30/10/2022 - 30/10/2022

All Saints

All Saints' Procession
Today, in the Middle Ages, we celebrate the feast of all saints. It is better known as All Saints' Day. All deceased people who have been an example to Christian society are commemorated on this day. They live in heaven and can put in a good word for us here on earth with God, to help us in difficult times.

Today we are going to portray this in a procession. Everyone can join in. Immerse yourself in the uncertain situation of the medieval man. Disease, death and disasters lie in wait. We put on medieval clothes, take flags and guild banners and go singing through the streets of Gravendam. We call upon all the saints in heaven and also on God to help us in our uncertainty and fear. By walking and praying together we feel a bit stronger in our lives.

The starting time will be mentioned on the day programme.

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Hymns of All Souls' Day
Times: 12.00 pm, 2.15 pm and 3.00 pm

Today we also celebrate the feast of All Souls' Day (actual date 2 November). This is when we remember all those who have died in the past year and before. In the monastery, the brothers sing the Gregorian requiem chants that are part of this feast. You are cordially invited to come and listen to this old church music. 

Background information
Both Christian festivals have some resemblance to a pre-Christian Celtic celebration also known as Hallow-e'en, or All Hallows Eve. In the Celtic calendar, 31 October was New Year's Eve and 1 November New Year's Day. It was the height of autumn. The harvest was in and the seed for the next year had been gathered. Winter could come.

The Celts also believed that on this day the spirits of people who had died in the previous year would return to take possession of a living body. They tried to appease those spirits by putting food in front of the door. And they tried to ward them off by wearing masks.

Christianity has adopted elements of this day, spread over two days: on 1 November it is called All Saints' Day. The "harvest" of all those who have led such exemplary Christian lives that they have been canonised by those around them is commemorated. One day later, on All Souls' Day (2 November), all those who died in the past year and before are remembered. By praying for their repose, it is hoped that they will be released from their punishment in purgatory.

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