All Saints Procession

All Saints Procession

03/11/2019 - 03/11/2019

All Saints Procession

Today we celebrate in the Middle Ages the feast of all saints (actual date: November 1). All deceased people who have been an example in Christian society are commemorated on this day. They live in heaven and can do a good job for us here on earth to help us in difficult times.

We are going to portray this today in a procession. Everyone can participate in that. Immerse yourself in the uncertain situation of the Middle Ages. Illness, death and disasters are lurking. We put on medieval clothes over our clothes, take flags and guild banners, and sing through the streets of Gravendam. We call upon all the saints in heaven and also God to help us in our insecurity and fear. By walking together and praying we feel stronger in our lives.

Today we also celebrate the feast of All Souls (actual date November 2). Then it is thought of all people who died last year and before. The Brothers sing in the monastery the Gregorian Requiem chants that belong to this festival. You are cordially invited to come and listen to this old ecclesiastical music.

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