Daily program

Daily program

Wednesday 19th of May open 10 am - 5 pm

Twine a bracelet*, start a fire, pull a boulder, tree trunk canoeing
Roman Times 
March with the soldiers, make a fibula*
Middle Ages 
Sword fighting, archery, make a candle*, felt a bracelet*
* Activities with the museum card

Restaurants and catering in Archeon are open for take away. Unfortunately, it is not possible to consume the (take away) drinks and food inside. There are picnic tables outside our park where you can take a seat.

Archeologyhouse of South Holland and Roman Museum
Visit the Roman Museum with the history of South Holland, beautiful films and many finds. 

Zwammerdam Restoration Yard
View the restoration of the Zwammerdam ships. These ships were excavated in 1974 in Zwammerdam and are being restored in the Zwammerdam Restoration yard at Archeon.



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