Daily program

Museumpark Archeon is closed due to Covid till Januari 14th.  

Archeon opens the gates for 'Celebrate Winter'. All 43 buildings, farms and huts in Archeon are inhabited by the residents and are completely furnished for the winter.

Twine a bracelet*, start a fire, pull a boulder, tree trunk canoeing 
Guided tour 1.30 pm

Roman Times 
March in the Roman Legioen, Make a fibula*
Take a look at the reconstructed "Via Albaniana" the new road reconstructed. 
Guided tour 12, 3 and 4 pm

Middle Ages 
Sword fighting, archery, make a candle*, felt a bracelet*. 
Try to sail on our real vikingboat at Dorestad. 
Guided tour 12 am

*only with the activitycard

Roman Inn Open from 11 am - 5 pm
Panncake house The Monastery Open from 11 am - 5 pm

Archeologyhouse of South Holland and Roman Museum

Visit the Roman Museum with the history of South Holland, beautiful films and many finds. 

Exhibition: Old bones, new stories
‘Old bones, new stories’ is about scientific research into archaeological skeletal material. This research, called osteoarchaeology, can provide valuable information about life in South Holland in earlier times. The province and various South Holland municipalities have invested a lot in such research in recent years. The exhibition shows skeletal finds and explains what experts have learned about them using modern techniques.

Restoration yard Expedition Zwammerdam 
View the restoration of the Zwammerdam ships. This ship was excavated in 1974 in Zwammerdam and is being restored in the Roman Restoration Yard on Archeon. The first ship, De Zwammerdam 2, is completely finished and now preparations are made for the Zwammerdam 6

Archeon Quest
Join the new active quest where you compete against other players for fame and your freedom! Download the app via www.flavour.nl/producten/echoes/ and play along for free!

Stories of Archeon
Audio tour through prehistory and the Roman and Middle Ages. The audio tour is an addition to your visit to Archeon! The tour is available for Apple, Windows and Android. Download it prior to your visit: https://izi.travel/nl/search/archeon

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